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What We Do:

We work with local farmers and supply chain partners with a focus on Regenerative and Sustainably Agriculture and Food Production Practices. Coming together we have been able to grow local food sales and farm sales to an excess of $10mm working as HERO is 2023. We look forward to expanding our footprint each week. We are looking forward to having your team.

HERO Farmed Management

Torn Fernandes — Farmer CEO
BScott Glasing — Risk Manager COO
Alex Sher — Butcher and Wholesaler CMO

Board of Directors

David Cary
Steve Swartzentruber
Tom Fernandes
Ben Jackson

HERO Farmer Members

10 Midwest livestock farmers

8 Georgia Farms (4 involved in organic, all transitioning acres to organic)

Farm with Organic Cow herd and feed operations in GA

HERO Supply Chain Members

1 Organic Cotton Gin and Warehouse in GA
1 Organic Grain Handling Facility in GA
1 Organic Corn Processor in GA
1 Organic Livestock Feed Mill in GA
1 USDA Beef and Pork Plant in GA
1 USDA Further Processing Plant in GA
1 FDA Further Processing Plant in GA
1 GA Dept AG butcher shop in South Atlanta
1 GA Farm with Mobile Meat License
1 GA Hero Farmed Mobile Meat License