HERO Day 1

HERO Day 1

May 01, 2021

Alexander Sher



"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

Thomas Jefferson

In October of 2016 I was able to travel to Washington DC with one of thousands of American Hero's , my grandfather Richard Carrigg. 

Today, privileged to live free, because of past hero's thoughts and actions, we are starting a new journey to heal the environment and regenerate ourselves.

The style of commerce is changing, giving us as farmers the chance to connect with our customers  by way of the eCommerce with the 1st eCooperative:  

HERO eCooperative

HERO will work to deliver the finest quality grass fed, grass fed organic, and locally pasture raised corn fed beef, non gmo pork, and non gmo chicken available.

HERO will work to share ideas, science, and information with members to discuss how we can all create a more sustainable platform for growing food and distributing it in clean fashion to members.

HERO main purpose to connect consumers with farms and work with each other for each others benefit. We will cut out the corporate middlemen as much as reasonably possible, but more importantly work to increase farm profits and or fund sustainability on the farm while delivering top quality clean products at reasonable prices to members.


Join the Movement!!!

Tom Fernandes

Co-founder / Farmer / Hero eCooperative