Hero Farms Omega 3 Beef Jerky

Hero Farms Omega 3 Beef Jerky

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Natural Beef Jerky

HERO Farms Dog Treats are sourced from Regenerative Farms that never use hormones on their animals, are grazed on organic pastures, and are supplemented with Omega 3 flax and canola seeds so that the meat has the correct ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids for your pets optimal health. 

Product Weight: 85 grams 

 What People Are Saying:

I Love the fact that the treats are natural and from organic pastures. I also love the fact that they are from regenerative pastures. I always listen to Dr. Mark Hyman who is a big fan of regenerative agriculture, I need to connect Hero and Dr Mark. Love what you are doing. Melissa Fernandes - East Cobb Georgia

Great treats!!!! - Terry Childers - Roswell Farmers Market.