Our Story - H.E.R.O.

H.E.R.O. (Healing the Environment Regenerating Ourselves) eCooperative was founded in 2019 by Tom Fernandes, and Alex Sher. We were both small business people trying to connect the farms (Tom) with the table (Alex). 

For the past 9 years Tom had been building a cattle and grazing business in Georgia and Alex had been selling the beef from the farms in the Atlanta Restaurants.

Although the farms were run regenerativley, and in an clean organic fashion on the farms pasture. The amount of volume that Tom and Alex could sell was always limited by the amount of hamburger they could sell. 

One of HERO's goals is to work with our customer members to discuss that the first step of sustainability is profitability. 

H.E.R.O's Beef is raised in accordance to Gap 4 animal welfare practices. As such the beef is always given adequate access to pasture, it is hormone free and processed locally at a processor that uses no chemicals in the processing. Because of these 'Premium Practices" the hamburger is more expensive then the cheap low grade hamburger mixed with hormones and culled older cows that goes into the major retail and food service beef.  To fully utilize the carcass of these clean premium beef animals, which are also raised regeneratvely, H.E.R.O. was founded.

Tom and Alex wanted to bring the great tasting and healthy clean beef to the doorsteps of the southeast by creating an eCommerce company.  H.E.R.O. was founded with the idea that together with our members we can create a profitable business in which members will share in the economics and also participate in building the soil and the farms.

In 2019 Tom and Alex partnered with Ben Zaitz to create the foundation of H.E.R.O.  Ben is life long farmer who has focused on organic dairy farming and potato farming as well as creating a medium sized organic and GAP 4 Beef farm in middle Georgia with Tom. 

We have had such positive feed back on our beef from our customers at the Roswell, GA. Farmers Market, that we wanted to widen our subscriber base and create opportunities for farmers to create premium domestic beef, hormone free, and raised transparently as grass fed, or grass fed, grain finished.

We have a focus on building the soil , which is the lifeblood of our nutrition, and our environmental ecosystem.  H.E.R.O. will have an ambitions to create a biodegradable box so that the eCommerce materials can be sent back to farms and the carbon will be reintegrated into the soil for future grass production versus going to a landfill.  H.E.R.O. will test the soils on the farms and publish the progress of the microbial bi-ome in the soils which will are returning to there natural state of balance as all H.E.RO. pastures will be managed regenerativly with 100% of the pastures either certified organic or transitioning to organic. No deadly chemicals will be used that will end up in your beef.

Our pork and chicken will be raised regeneratvley with Non GMO feeds as well as being hormone free.  The products will all be domestic and the margin and transparency of the farm, and farm income will be published to promote a fair margin to the farms, so that they can focus on being the best they can be.

Farming is a family business. This venture is a full time passion of our families.

Healing the Environment

We encourage you to become members of our eCooperative. Members will receive discounts on boxes of protein, access to visit the farms during the year, and will get a virtual piece of land named after them with GPS coordinates so they can visit and track the progress of their land building carbon, reintergratiion of manure, health of soil microbes, and the building of nutrients due to members support of regenerative agriculture. Members will directly participate in Healing the Environment.

Regenerating Ourselves

H.E.R.O. members can also opt to share their blood work and physical medical measurable with H.E.R.O food is medicine affiliate Bowling Inc. anonymously, so that we can profile body types and try and use science and data to create the optimal diet to Regenerate Ourselves.

As H.E.R.O. members we have concerns about our food purchases:

  • Price-Must be reasonable and transparent with a fair deal between you and the farmer 
  • Health- Enhance your life and health with essential pure unprocessed ingredients 
  • Ethics-Food purchases underwrite your beliefs on environment, community and animal/human welfare
  • By joining H.E.R.O we will work together to solve these issues

Heal the Environment

  • Grass production sequester’s carbon in soil.
  • Builds healthy soils with a complete biome with fungi, bacteria, worms, etc.
  • Eliminates soil erosion that destroys waterways and soils by increasing water absorption capacity.
  • Promotes wildlife and ecosystem development providing habitat for birds, mammals and reptiles 
  • US based production reduces the carbon footprint avoiding shipping beef from overseas and utilizing local cattle for local consumption. 
  • Eliminates commercial fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and antibiotics from environment   
  • Rotational grazing keeps grass, soils and cattle healthy maximizing production and maintaining grass 12 months of the year.
  • Using biodegradable boxes to allow eCommerce packaging to be reintegrated in the supply chain

Restore ​Ourselves

  • US based production supports our local economy and environment. Approximately 80% of grass fed beef comes from overseas and with unknown grassfed credentials 
  • Grass raised and finished creates pure nutrient dense protein and healthy yellow fats 
  • ​Peace of mind in making the right choice​ for your family and community 
  • Remove  pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and antibiotics from your diet 
  • Humane treatment of pasture raised cattle and non GMO pork and chicken 

Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef

  • 100% Grass fed with no grain to ~1200 lbs 
  • Leaner meat with healthy golden colored fats
  • Healthy choice


Grass Fed Then Grain Finished

  • 100% grass fed to ~900 lbs
  • Local grown GMO free grains and silage to fatten finish cattle to~1450 lbs
  • Pasture access while finishing
  • Prime- Choice+ grade ensures tender marbled beef with white fat
  • GAAP 4 cattle practices
  • No hormones or antibiotics




H.E.R.O members can tune into a member focused blog and farmcast that will share data and theories on how animal science and food science can work to create the optimal physical performance of members.

- Measured health and performance markers of grass fed beef 

- Measured health and performance markers of High Testosterone Beef, (Teenage Bull Beef)

- Measured health and performance markers of pasture raised and non GMO finished beef, non GMO finished pork, and non GMO finished chicken.


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